Title: Whales Coming


Project Name: GeTui Headquarter
Location: Hangzhou, China丨Size: 87,000 sqm
Project Period: Design+Construction 2018-2019, Completion 2021

The "Ge" Garden is a headquarter designed for Ge Tui, who has graduated from the "Unicorn" and is listed in the Unicorn Park in Hangzhou. It is a win-win project between LYCS and independent intelligent big data service providers. If the project site is "2" and the building is "1", the space outside the building will become the "1" remaining after "2-1". Design considerations of LYCS Architecture about the "Ge" Garden is to break the conventional equation of "2-1=1". The three towers are located on the site with the "three pillars", forming an introverted overall layout. At the same time, the podium connects three relatively independent building blocks to form a continuous and rich space for activities. Along the north side auxiliary  road, an open


public space node is set to guide the service supporting development around the public space, and the adjacent land masses are combined to form a group public service center. The urban interface thus thickened forms a spatial relationship of "2-1=3".The combination of the tower building and the podium is like a giant whale is jumping out of the waves.

The partial lifting of the architectural shap